Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of programming does "Success" feature?

"Success" specializes in thirty minute and short-form Public Television stories highlighting specific industries and topics. The show highlights industry professionals and groundbreaking organizations as featured content providers.


Do the thirty minute and short form segments air on Public Television?

Yes. The "Success " program works with a dedicated distributor to provide the content to Public Television stations across the United States. Once received, the content is aired at the discretion of each station for up to one full year.


Is PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) or APT (American Public Television) associated with "Success"?

No, and this is a common misconception. Both PBS and APT provide television content to member Public Television stations. Additionally, Public Television stations receive content from organizations like NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Alliance), from locally produced material, and from smaller organizations, such as "Success." The program operates independently and provides content to Public Television partners by way of satellite uplink.


Is Rob Lowe only the host of the educational content?

Yes. Rob Lowe serves as host of the series specifically dedicated to Public Television. His image cannot be utilized for other commercial purposes.


After the project is over, who has the rights to the footage?

All rights to the commercial and corporate demo portions of the project are yielded to the participating organization, which retains full ownership with absolutely no re-airing restriction. "Success" retains the editorial and broadcast rights of the Public Television segment with Rob Lowe.


Is the show made for any specific commercial network?

No. The series is created solely for viewing on Public Television stations across the US. The commercial portions of the project air on myriad networks, such as CNN, Fox News, and CNBC.


What will my time commitment be as a participant?

"Success" utilizes an award-winning staff of producers, videographers, and editors to effectively diminish the amount of work required by the participating organization. Over the life of a singular project, a participant would average six to eight hours of dedicated attention.